Why MonaLisa Touch® May Be Right for You

If you’re anything like the average 51-year-old woman living in Canada today, you’ve recently completed the transition into menopause, which officially occurs once your monthly cycle has been absent for at least one year.

While this may signal the end of your fertility, it certainly isn’t the end of your life. The fact is, most Canadian women live well into their mid-80s, which means you still have more than one-third of your life left to live after you go through menopause.

As your reproductive hormone levels taper off, you can expect to go through certain physical changes, many of which may be unexpected or unwanted. While short-term symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings typically disappear once the transition into menopause is complete, symptoms like vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence tend to stick around unless they’re treated.

Dr. Rudolf Novak has helped countless women restore their vaginal and urinary health after menopause with MonaLisa Touch, an innovative laser treatment that uses targeted heat therapy to revitalize your vaginal and vulvar tissues safely, effectively, and without surgery.

Here’s why MonaLisa Touch may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for:

Your vaginal tissues are noticeably drier

After menopause, approximately three in five women experience chronic vaginal dryness, a disruptive condition that’s often accompanied by noticeable itching, burning, discomfort, or pain.  

Although persistent vaginal dryness can occur at any time your life, the problem is most common after menopause. That’s because estrogen plays an important role in maintaining normal lubrication and tissue elasticity, and low estrogen levels can make your vaginal wall drier, thinner, less elastic, and more fragile.

MonaLisa Touch uses fractional CO2 laser energy to treat vaginal dryness and keep it from progressing, so you no longer have to rely on messy lubricants to keep your tissues moist, or turn to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which isn’t always a suitable option.  

The laser works by making painless microscopic injuries in the tissues that line your vaginal canal, which effectively reawakens the cells in the treatment area and causes them to actively restore all the normal elements of healthy vaginal tissue, including collagen, glycogen, and hyaluronic acid.

After just three quick, in-office treatments, MonaLisa Touch can successfully reverse vaginal dryness for about 90% of women.

Sexual intercourse has become painful

Vaginal dryness is also associated with a loss of natural lubrication during sexual arousal, which can lead to pain during intercourse. When sexual discomfort becomes the norm, it can diminish your sexual desire, causing a loss of intimacy between you and your partner.

Because MonaLisa Touch restores proper trophic balance to your tissues, it promotes your body’s natural lubrication response and helps reestablish sexual function. It’s widely considered the safest, gentlest, and most effective treatment solution for painful intercourse brought on by aging and hormone-related changes.

MonaLisa Touch is painless, has virtually no side effects, and doesn’t require any recovery time, meaning you can resume most normal activities immediately. You can resume having sex two or three days after your treatment, once your vaginal tissues have had ample time to heal.  

Although you can expect to feel noticeable results in the weeks following your first MonaLisa Touch treatment, the average woman needs three treatments, spaced six weeks apart, to achieve complete results.